Sol y Sombra

Drawing Residency in Spain

Spring 2023


Making drawings in Spain. Inspired by the light, trying to catch shadows and drawing with earth pigments. See some of my explorations on my instagram page. 

Portrait of a Tree

Thoughtful Planet 3, Thought Foundation, Birtley

September - November 2019

Portrait of a Tree

Playing with Porcelain

Sunderland AA2A

February 2017

Beachcoming and woodland walks petrified in porcelain.

  • seaglass seesaw, porcelain and seaglass

  • glass and copper lines

  • red seaglass oak

  • oak seaweed

  • limpet grass

  • seaweed barnacles

  • copper folds

  • grasshopper stone


Experimentations with Glass

Sunderland University

January 2017

Lampworked marbles and mark making with engraving techniques.

  • engraving

  • engraving and sandblasting

  • engraving and sandblasting (detail)

  • lamp worked marble and lichen

  • lampwork marble and pate du verre

Drawing out in the Field

August 2016

Summer days working in the woods and fields near the studio. An example of what I've been working on in the last few weeks.

  • Ash with homemade ash charcoal

  • drawing in the fields

  • Jenny Purrett drawing in the fields

  • drawing in the fields

  • drawing in the fields

Making Sense

The Customs House, South Shields

February 2016

Working with individuals supported by Sight Service, Making Sense is a sensitive and personal exploration of the relationship that individuals with visual impairment have with their local environment. This installation captures an exchange of mark-making between the artist and the group.

Much of Jenny Purrett’s practice is focused on drawing as process. She makes work in response to her experience of her immediate environment. In this project, she has worked with a group of people who have progressive sight loss. Together they have explored ways to use drawing to communicate their own personal experiences of the South Shields coastline. The exhibition records the creative journey undertaken and shows both collaborative and individual drawings from the jewel-like to the enormous. The outcomes demonstrate that, despite fears and frustrations, we can still enjoy the drawing process and, if we continue to be prepared to take creative risks, we astound ourselves with what we can achieve

  • Washed Out, Pastel, Japanese paper and fish hooks Installation

  • Washed Out (installation detail) Pastel drawings on Japanese kozo paper

  • Washed Out (detail)

  • Shift, participatory sand drawing

  • Sound of of the sea drawings, Sight Service participant, ink on paper

  • Touch drawings, graphite on paper, Sight Service participant

  • Touch drawing, graphite on paper and Shift, participatory sand drawing

  • Sight Service participants talking about their work at the PV

  • Washed Out (detail) Pastel drawings on Japanese kozo paper

  • Washed Out (installation detail) Pastel drawings on Japanese kozo paper

  • Washed Out (installation detail) Pasteldrawings on Japanese kozo paper

Two new pieces of work showcased at the Customs House as part of the Making Sense Project.

Washed Out 2016,

Pastel drawings of rock formations and beach debris on Japanese paper suspended from fish hooks.

Worn  2013-2016,

Reworked pastel memory drawing on Japanese paper

Lithograph Commission

Collaborative Lithograph with Lee Turner from Hole editions

August 2015


  • preparing to etch the stone

  • Decision time....

  • First Impression

  • Lee Turner working his magic

  • Final Proof

Where is the Line?

Granary Gallery Residency, Berwick upon Tweed

November 2015

  • Storylines (detail), pastel wall drawing, Jenny Purrett

  • Storylines, Gallery View

  • Other people's stories added to the line

  • Other people's stories added to the line

'Where is the line?’ brings together works from Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima) which holds one of the most important collections of drawings in the North-East.

The exhibition focuses on artists who use drawing and mark making as a tool to document and interpret their immediate environment – both urban and rural, real, imaginary or somewhere in-between and includes works by Norman Cornish, William Tillyer, George Shaw, L.S Lowry and David Hepher amongst

Additionally the exhibition includes a drawing commission from Northumberland based artist Jenny Purrett and Middlesbrough based artist Annie O’Donnell, who have collaborated to create new work inspired by the

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