Moments Lived; Moments Re-lived

Unique Drawings, One Church Street Gallery

September 2013

The four artists showing at One Church Street Gallery throughout September 2013 were selected from theĀ Open Drawing Exhibition in 2012. This Open Submission attracted a wide range of drawing processes and included some international submissions. The judges were Professor Rod Bugg and Doctor Yvonne Crossley. Selected artists are Reginald Aloyisius, Rachel Gibson, Debbie Locke and Jenny Purrett.

  • Moments lived

  • Moments relived

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  • Work in progress

  • Moments Relived

Every day, moments collected. Tiny drawings on a continuous till roll. Washing on the line, clouds drifting overhead, blackberries ripening, livestock grazing. These moments, then re-drawn: each thread of memory woven into a vibrant tapestry of recollection.