End of Residency Exhibition, Visual Arts in Rural Communities

September 2011

This exhibition celebrates the end of my twelve-month residency with Visual Arts in Rural Communities in Northumberland. Much of the work is made through the build-up of repetitive actions and the overlaying of objects or marks. Each piece is the result of a cumulative process, hence the title of the show, Cumulation.

  • Shot Paper (detail), Installation, Shot gun pellets, cartridge paper

  • Year Long Line, Pencil on Paper, 15cm x 3500cm

  • Line As Experience, Pastel on paper, Series of 44 drawings, each 84cm x 59cm

  • Line As Experience, Installation view

  • Line as Memory, Lit gunpowder, dimensions variable

  • Shot Paper, Installation view

  • Felt Sheets, Installation view

  • Wool Balls, Installation view

  • Wool Balls, Detail

Peter Davies, in his foreword for the exhibition publication, writes that the work addresses themes such as “the dependence and interdependence of living things in nature; the measure and recording of the passing of time; and the human condition in the landscape.”

Download the catalogue: Cumulation (Standard) 6.2MB PDF