Felt Sheets

Response: A Rural-Urban Conversation

June 2011

A two-part project exploring how place affects the work we make and how people respond to work in two very different environments.

With Newcastle-based artists Lauren Healey, Rory Biddulph, Thomas Whittle, Holly Watson and David Lisser from NewBridge Project, we spent three days making new work for Highgreen. At the end of the three days, the artwork was shown to the public at a special viewing.

In November we will spend three days at NewBridge Studios to develop the Highgreen work for a public event at a venue in Newcastle city centre.

For more information go to www.varc.org.uk/special-projects/response-a-rural-urban-conversation.

  • Felt sheets, installation, each: 150cm x 300cm

  • Felt sheets, installation detail

I am very aware of how the sheep shape the landscape at Highreen. They are an integral part of the landscape. They also collect parts of the landscape within their fleeces: heather, mud, grass stains, bracken. Each of these sheets is made from a single fleece and is the size of a single bedsheet. For the exhibition, they were hung in the old laundry at Highgreen Manor.