Powder Drawings, 2014

Black Swan Arts, Somerset

June 2014

I was invited by the Black Swan Arts Centre to partake in the exhibition dRAW alongside 3 other artists who take an experimental approach to drawing.

  • Laying the line

  • Burning the line

  • Powder remains

  • Layered Powder Burn

dRAW is an exhibition of experimental drawings by five contemporary artists; Tim Knowles, Rhys Himsworth, Jenny Purrett, Balint Bolygo and Eske Rex. The show will explore drawings made using unconventional techniques. From electronic drawing machines to drawings created by lighting gunpowder resting on the surface of paper, the show will challenge our views of the medium and showcase the breadth of drawing practice used today.

For the exhibition I made 2 large performative gunpowder drawings on cartridge paper, the image: an enlarged print of my trigger finger.