Passing time

Joint show with Deborah Feiler.

June 2010

Through our work we both explore our individual experiences of landscape and the passing of time – from the wilting of a flower to the arc of the sun overhead.

Each experience is fleeting, and yet the record of it is fixed through use of line. Line has, for both of us, the physical and emotional qualities that can express the elusive connection between our internal and external landscapes.

  • Nest - blackbird - 140 cm square

  • Nest - wren - 140 cm square

  • Nest - wasp - 140 cm square

  • Nest - bee - 140 cm square

The process by which these drawings are made echoes the way a nest is built. The materials a bird or insect uses (moss tugged up from the base of a tree, wood scraped from a window ledge) involve the action of destruction as well as one of construction. Thousands of journeys are made, as little by little, the nest is created. In the drawings, each line that is made is also erased. The task is repetitive: little by little, each line adds to the form that eventually takes shape.