Fallen prints

Open Studio Exhibition

February 2011

Living as Artist in Resident in Tarset, a remote part of Northumberland, has been a big contrast to living in the city. The affect of weather conditions and of people working the landscape is very apparent here. I have had the time and space to really observe how the immediate surroundings change from season to season, day to day, moment to moment.

It has felt really overwhelming at times. Sometimes, I end up being in a state of panic because there is so much to see. Take one stone on a wall, covered with moss and lichen and crawling with insects: the closer you look, the more you realise there is. Then you glance up and see miles of walls crisscrossing the moors. It’s dizzying. Through making art, I can find a way to steady myself, to settle, to connect by focusing on a point in space and a point in time.

As well as keeping a daily sketchbook, I have been working on several series of drawings and prints, some of which are shown here.

  • Fallen Moss 1, 140 x140cm, watercolour on paper

  • Fallen Moss 2, 140 x140cm, watercolour on paper

  • Fallen Lichen, 140 x140cm, watercolour on paper

  • Fallen Lichen (detail), 140 x140cm, watercolour on paper